wood chips and chunks.

Pimento Wood Smoker Chips are used to smoke Jerk chicken, fish, pork or shrimp during grilling. The pimento chips can be placed in a smoker, smoker box or you can even make a tinfoil pouch and poke small holes in it to create a smoking station for you foods.  During the first stages of the cooking/grilling process it is important to infuse the meats with smoke and this can easily be done with the pimento wood chips.

If you have never had authentic Jamaican Jerk before this is a treat that will leave your friends and family begging you to make it over and over again.

Pimento wood is what gives true jerk BBQ its unique flavor. Pimento wood is the main wood that Jamaicans use to jerk chicken. The pimento wood tree gives us pimento berries, also known as allspice, pimento wood for smoking, sticks to make a grill, and leaves to add additional smoky aroma to jerk cooking.

Jerk gets its flavor from pimento wood. The chicken grills on a bed of wet pimento leaves and sticks. The smoking wood infuses the meat, to the bone, with robust flavor. Aromatic with deep citrus and smoky notes, the wood makes all the difference in the world.

Merlot/Bourbon Barrel Oak Chunks

Direct from Colorado local Wineries, Oak Barrels which had originally been use for aging Bourbon, (7 yrs) and then Merlot wine for another 9 months immediately after the bourbon was removed.

These barrels are fresh!! Our warehouse has been filled with the wine/bourbon aroma from them. It is a wonderful and intoxicating aroma we are enjoying.


We carry CHIP, CHUNK, 6" SPLITS &  12" LOGS in most flavors.  Please call and Pre-Order large Quantities.


We sell all our wood by the pound, 1LB Bag, 5LB Bag, 25LB Box, 50LB Box, 100+LB Box 

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