Below is the Current Selection We Carry in Stock. Have a Favorite Daily, Monthly Stick you enjoy Call Us and let us know, we will try to add it to the collection.

WE are always adding NEW Cigars so Call 912-650-9484 if your looking for that special smoke.

We have a growing selection of Premium Cigars available at Smoke and Bones Woodshed. Perhaps the finest aspect about our cigar inventory is the care that goes into handling them. We order our cigars directly from major distribution centers and they are immediately placed in ideal conditions within our precisely controlled humidor. We do not purchase large quantities of boxes of every brand of cigar and allow them to sit in a massive warehouse for an extended length of time. Instead, we carefully purchase an accurate amount of cigars we typically require, in addition to a few extras to play it safe. We are continually researching new blends and brands, listening to our customers and finding those sticks you enjoy and adding them to our inventory. We take pride in our selection, and ensure each cigar is cared for, that our cigars will be as fresh as possible for our valued customers.

So, please – Enjoy!

Ronald Regan
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